How Will the Different Grades for Hair Extensions Affect Your Desired Look…

Often times hair extensions are categorized by Grades. The different Grades for hair extensions refers not to the quality of the hair but the percentage of the hair that is long and short within the bundle.  The higher the grade, the thicker the extensions are from the top all the way to the ends. Hair extension thickness starts at A Grade (which is the lowest grade available and significantly thinned out at the ends) through 7A Grade (also known as Double Drawn, which is the highest grade available).

Double drawn

Double drawn means that when the hair is taken from the donor at 18”, 85-90{7abc032d72617d1b300a1f0d2bbb60555521ad450acde4b9ed503c038e417369} of the short hair is removed and replaced with the longer hair. This means that the hair is thick from root to tip.


Single drawn

Single drawn hair extensions means that hair is taken from the source at the length that is required, e.g. 18inches. In this case, the hair will have a combination of long 18” hair and also shorter hair, whatever the natural growth pattern is for the donor. 

Breakdown of the Grades:

Grade A
100% Remi hair, single drawn

Grade AA
100%Remi hair, 50% drawn (half of the short hair removed and replaced with long hairs)

Grade AAA
100% Remi hair, 60-70% drawn (60-70% of the short hair removed and replaced with long hairs)

Grade AAAA+
100% Remi hair, 75% drawn (double drawn, where the majority of the hair is all the same length)

Grade AAAAA+
100% Remi hair, 85-90% drawn (full double drawn, where nearly all hair is the same length)

Now that you understand the difference in the Grades for hair extensions, hopefully this will help in your hair purchases so that your extensions give you that beautiful flawless look that we all want! You will want to use your eZ SCRATCH versus digging in to scratch with other objects to avoid loosening your threads and braids or damaging your scalp. This will preserve your extensions longer and maintain your style.

Be sure you let us know which type of hair extension is your favorite so we can always provide up to date feedback for our community!