When it’s not possible to ‘Pat’ your itch, your eZ SCRATCH will get to your scalp, within seconds, and soothe your toughest itch before anyone notices or a single hair is out of place.

Rose Rice the creator of eZ SCRATCH
Rose Rice
the creator of eZ SCRATCH

I love wearing hair extensions. A fresh install of luxurious Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian hair extensions can have you looking and feeling glamorous, wouldn’t you agree?

99.9% of the time my extensions are sewn-in. eZ SCRATCH was created to offer a fantastic solution for a common problem. When you are at work or out and about your eZ SCRATCH will allow you to discreetly get underneath your extensions, nets, and closures in any area, get right to your scalp, to get a good scratch without anyone noticing or a single hair out of place.

One of the first things you will notice when you use eZ SCRATCH is how good it feels on your scalp. The rounded metal tip works great and has a cool massaging effect. You are going to absolutely love how eZ SCRATCH feels on your scalp. We considered every detail of this product even down to the grip portion. You will feel how soft and comfortable the materials are in this area. Because eZ SCRATCH was designed to use with your extensions, your braids and threads will remain tight and intact, preserving your hairstyle.

Until you can totally treat and get rid of itchy scalp, your scalp is guaranteed to itch, probably multiple times throughout the day– So you will have to scratch it. Use eZ SCRATCH. It’s the smartest way to scratch your scalp while you are wearing extensions because it makes it so easy. It’s the only product that will do the job because eZ SCRATCH is the only patent pending method of scratching while you are wearing hair extensions. It’s a must have product. Thousands of our customers use it everyday and love it. I use it everyday and love it. You will use it everyday and you will love it too.

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Scratch your toughest itch fast and discreetly 



Feels cool, soft, and smooth on your scalp



Perfect to use at work or out and about

What They're Saying...

This is the best product that has come along to complement our changing hair styles. It alleviates scalp itch and discomfort without injuring my scalp and is also very discreet, which I really appreciate. There is no other product on the market like it and I would recommend it to everyone!

Kenya, Houston,TX

I love EZ SCRATCH because it slips underneath the braids easily so I don’t have to use a big rattail comb. It’s so small so you can use it wherever you go.

Karen W, Houston, TX

I like EZ SCRATCH because its small and convenient and gets to all those hard to reach places.

Ashley S, Houston, TX

I like that it is cute and convenient. It slides in easily without damaging my tracks and immediately gets to my itch. My little girl has itchy scalp and we are even able to scratch her scalp with it without it getting tangled in her hair like the comb.

Nakia C, Houston, TX

This is such a creative invention! I have a closure, so it was almost impossible to reach those hard to reach itch areas on my scalp, so this product provides such a huge relief! Also, I love that it’s easy to hold with the grip handle.

Tamika M, Houston, TX

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