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Do you wear hair extensions? Then we know how getting to itchy scalp can be very frustrating. On the other hand, taking your extensions out or your hairstyle down to early would mean wasting A LOT of money. And we all hate wasting money!

Most women ‘PAT’ or use a rattail comb hoping this will do the trick , but most of the times it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it can cause a lot of frustration and a tender scalp. But don’t worry! eZ SCRATCH is easy and safe to use on your scalp so you can eliminate this frustration and stop worrying about wasting money.

Eliminating itchy scalp altogether is certainly the ideal solution. However, often times choosing the correct scalp treatment can be confusing & costly. In some cases it could even require medical attention which could take more time than anticipated to eliminate itchy scalp. To guarantee that eZ SCRATCH is not another product that you waste money on, we are offering a free trial period to make sure it works for you. Once you use eZ SCRATCH you will never have to experience this frustration and worry about wasting money ever again.

Get one for yourself or a friend in need of this product. Don’t wait to order and miss out on this risk-free promotion. Order now!

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Scratch your toughest itch fast and discreetly 



Feels cool, soft, and smooth on your scalp



Perfect to use at work or out and about

What They're Saying...

This is the best product that has come along to complement our changing hair styles. It alleviates scalp itch and discomfort without injuring my scalp and is also very discreet, which I really appreciate. There is no other product on the market like it and I would recommend it to everyone!

Kenya, Houston,TX

I love EZ SCRATCH because it slips underneath the braids easily so I don’t have to use a big rattail comb. It’s so small so you can use it wherever you go.

Karen W, Houston, TX

I like EZ SCRATCH because its small and convenient and gets to all those hard to reach places.

Ashley S, Houston, TX

I like that it is cute and convenient. It slides in easily without damaging my tracks and immediately gets to my itch. My little girl has itchy scalp and we are even able to scratch her scalp with it without it getting tangled in her hair like the comb.

Nakia C, Houston, TX

This is such a creative invention! I have a closure, so it was almost impossible to reach those hard to reach itch areas on my scalp, so this product provides such a huge relief! Also, I love that it’s easy to hold with the grip handle.

Tamika M, Houston, TX

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